How Much to Pay

Specifically for investors in rental property, How Much to Pay shows the favored price range for every local zip code in a market, where investors will find the most renters.

Our analysis identifies the favored price range by examining the actual distribution of rents in each individual zip code and translating the largest concentration of rents into home prices. The range varies from zip code to zip code and is updated every year.

By purchasing a rental property in the favored price range investors have the greatest assurance they will find plenty of renters in the future, an especially important consideration as local markets go through economic cycles.

How Much to Pay also allows investors to compare zip codes within a market to refine their decision of where best to invest.

How Much to Pay is available for 100 local markets (and others on request). In addition to the favored price range in zip codes it shows rents and recent home price changes and our forecasts of rents and home prices, which are updated every quarter.


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